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Jungle Safari

Nepal’s rich bio-diversity makes it ideal as an eco-tourism destination. Just as the Himalayas are famous for trekking and mountaineering activities, the Terai low land tropical jungle deserves to be just as famous as it has one of the best wildlife habitats in the subcontinent making it ideal for jungle safari activities.

Nepal has a total of 9 National Parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas and 1 hunting reserve covering a total of 28,999 sq km which is 19.7 % of the country’s total land. The National park and wildlife reserve area is mainly covered by Sal forest with a good balanced mixture of grassland, savannah and riverine forest. It is here that visitors will see most of the great variety of wildlife. For a fantastic experience ,journey, into the deep jungle on an elephant’s back or in a 4WD with an expert naturalist to view wild animals in their natural habitat on one of our Nepal wildlife safaris.

Our entire Jungle safari in Nepal package programme includes elephant ride safari, canoe rides, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick tours around the villages to discover the unique culture and traditions of the local village people.

Jungle Safari

Nepal Jungle Safari is very Popular package program in Nepal to explore the wild life adventure tour. Nepal is very rich in wildlife. The tropical jungle in Terai low land preserves some of the best wildlife habitats in Asia.

Chitwan National Park

Bardiya National Park