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Apps Enhancement

Apps Enhancement

Apps Enhancement Training Centre is the training centre in our group of companies, based in Nepal. Apps Enhancement provides a well-structured and specified training to all candidates, prior to their recruitment. Our training centre provides training on housekeeping, according to each countries standards and preferences; provide care giving and nursing training focused on the various health issues that need constant assistance such an Alzheimer’s, physical or mental disabilities etc. implemented by our experienced nurses. Our training centre offers cooking and waiting trainings, as well, to ensure the best possible service provided by our candidates.


  • To ensure and provide the best possible services around the world, by preparing a well-educated and trained staff
  • To identify any possible needs for further knowledge and skill development before making the recruitment decision
  • To match and prepare the best candidates to the available job position, always in accordance with the employer’s needs and preferences.

We provide services and training as:

  • Care giving
  • Housing and cleaning
  • Nursing
  • Cooking
  • Waiter and waitress
  • Security Guard
  • House Keeping
  • Civil worker
  • Coffee Maker Training

If you require our assistance, please contact us today.