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Trekking in Nepal is one of the most beautifully sublime and culturally rich experiences on the planet. Trek through remotely isolated ethnic and cultural villages situated in the foothills of the mountains and travel to far-off destinations at winsome valleys and regions that offer a unique perspective on both natural and cultural semblance of the country, with gorgeous Himalayan landscapes and mountainous terrains unlike anything else on Earth. Walk on serpentine trekking trails passing through emerald alpine forests, wide open pasturelands with flowering meadows and acreages brimming with farmlands and dainty village houses.

Apps Group offers various comprehensive and well-rounded travel packages incorporating the best aspects of all regions, presenting you with an amazing opportunity to experience the region’s natural and cultural elements in their finest form. The travel packages perfectly harmonize the natural ethos of the land with the religious and traditional ambiance of tribal and ancestral mountain settlements and villages, opulent monasteries and holy temples.